Smells Like Teen Spirit

I am so behind! I am reading books faster than I can write reviews of them, so I’m going to double up today. They’re by the same author, so it’s hardly even cheating.

Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns are, respectively, the second and third books I’ve read by John Green, young adult author extraordinaire. The first, The Fault in Our Stars, I reviewed back in May.

As novels go, John Green’s are “for teenagers” by virtue of two main factors: 1) They’re compulsively easy to read, and beg to be consumed in a single sitting, and 2) They tend to be about people in high school. Otherwise, the (often dark) themes Green explores in his books are wholly adult, in a way that reminds you how one’s teens are truly the last barrier between the innocence of youth and the encroaching cynicism of old age.

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