Lend me your ears

There’s no greater evidence of my supremely overstocked book inventory than this week’s read, Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go, which I received as either a birthday or Christmas present something like four years ago and which subsequently languished on my shelves long enough for someone to make a movie adaptation, for that movie adaptation to appear in and leave theaters and finally end up on HBO, which is where I recorded it last week.

Of course, outside of the fact that it might be construed as rather insulting to receive and then ignore a gift for half a decade, there is something rather pleasant about being able to read a book and watch the movie in close succession. And the film adaptation of Never Let Me Go, which stars Carey Mulligan, Keira Knightley and Andrew Garfield (he of Spider-Man fame), was all the more enjoyable because I had only just finished the final chapter of the novel. In fact, as adaptations go, it hews incredibly closely to the novel, down to specific pieces of dialogue. No major plot points were changed, and the limited number of omissions were understandable in a story strewn with seemingly innocuous events that together form a broader portrait of a relationship between friends. 

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