Boycott This Book

Listen, I despise Sarah Palin as much as the next self-respecting sane person. I fear a world where that woman becomes president, and I think she’s giving brunettes with glasses a bad name. But I will not buy this fucking book.

I know I’ve in the past defended those who might generally be considered stupid authors, including Snooki. And I stand by that defense; there’s plenty of room in this world for memoirs by celebrities, novels from reality-show stars and illustrated drivel from freakishly beloved tweens. But I take offense to The Rogue, the much-hyped “nonfiction” book written byΒ Joe McGinniss, of “I moved in next to Sarah Palin just to stalk her whole life on the boardwalk” fame.

The New York Times did as good a job as I couldΒ of summing up The Rogue’s content (better, in fact, since I will never so much as crack the cover) and I won’t waste digital breath repeating all of it here. All you need to know is thatΒ McGinniss spent a significant amount of time hunting down salacious information on the Palins, following up on unsubstantiated rumors and peddling lowbrow gossip, all in the name of “getting to the bottom” of who Sarah Palin really is. Among his more scandalous claims are assertions (from anonymous sources) that Palin in her younger years did cocaine, slept with an NBA player, and had an affair while married to the infamous Todd (because…wouldn’t you?)Β  Continue reading “Boycott This Book”