A(nother) blog you should read

You know when you find someone who does something you love, but does it better and you’re completely enamored but also kind of sad and infuriated because it solidifies all your worst fears about never really being truly good at something you consider yourself moderately good at? YES. OK.

Earlier today a friend of mine hooked me up with Books I Done Read, a book blog whose totally awesome caterpillar ranking system is second in awesomeness only to my papercuts system. This blog is hilarious and irreverent and uses GIFs, so it’s clear that you should all just kill your Sorry Television bookmark and replace it with BIDR (not you, mom. You stay with me.)

The BIDR reviews are what my reviews sound like in my head, before I think too much and get bogged down in sounding overtly intellectual, or like I spend fewer than a third of my life on ill-advised reality shows (I don’t). So it stands to reason that if you think I’m even mildly entertaining, you’ll find BIDR far more so, and I should know because Klout says I’m influential about blogging (also beer, Justin Bieber, Glee and sneakers). So if you fall in love with BIDR, and find you have time in your life for only one person’s irreverent book musings, then…well, I understand. To that I say, it’s been fun, guys. It’s been fun.